Advisory Division

The Advisory Division touches almost all aspect of the Commission, its primary role being to provide the Commissioners with relevant information and alternatives related to regulatory issues before the PSC. Other functions the division performs include reviewing state and federal legislation, monitoring federal agency proceedings and conducting studies or other special projects at the Commissioners' request. The division is comprised of:
  • Analysts - provide financial and legal analysis, research and evaluation in Commission proceedings
  • Personnel -  administers the agency's human resources functions
  • Public Affairs - serves as liaison with the news media, the general public and other state, governmental and regulatory entities
  • Federal Affairs - monitors federal activities affecting utility regulation in the state, including intervening and filing comments in federal proceedings when appropriate
  • Information Systems - responsible for automation in all agency divisions and maintains agency Web site 
  • Consumer Services - investigates complaints regarding the operation, services and billings of regulated utility companies 
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