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Gas Pipeline Safety Overview

The Gas Pipeline Safety Section conducts and carries out the inspection and monitoring activities of all gas and hazardous liquid pipeline systems operating in Alabama, including offshore drilling facilities in state waters. The responsibility was given to the Commission by the Alabama Legislature to assure and obtain compliance with the Minimum Federal Gas Pipeline Safety Standards adopted by the United States Department of Transportation pursuant to the Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act of 1968.

The Alabama Public Service Commission currently regulates 98 intrastate gas systems, 34 master meters, eight hazardous liquid systems, one liquefied petroleum system, five liquefied natural gas systems, and four offshore systems.

The Gas Pipeline Safety Section develops and presents programs to promote safe operations by natural gas transmission and distribution systems. Various safety inspections (operator qualification, operation, maintenance, construction, drug and alcohol, and accident investigations) are performed on the gas systems in Alabama by the section to ensure compliance with Pipeline Safety Regulations. These inspections help reduce the risk associated with the transportation of natural gas by pipeline. When a system is in noncompliance, immediate action is taken.

An important function of this section is accident prevention. The section conducts safety seminars around the state, as well as fire schools and plastic pipe qualification classes.

As in previous years, our office will continue to conduct investigations of all natural gas incidents that result in property damage of at least $5,000. The Alabama PSC will also investigate all incidents that require notice to the Federal Office of Pipeline Safety in accordance with our annual certification and the Federal Regulations. These investigations will culminate in written reports and pertinent photographs kept on file in this office with copies available to any interested parties with a subpoena from a court of competent jurisdiction.


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